GBK INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN.Hot on the heels of the 'Burgers so Good They Could Turn a Vegetarian' campaign, GBK wanted something equally disruptive for their next campaign. What better way to achieve this than to put one up for election and run it at the same time as the Trump campaign? GBK loved this campaign so much, they developed a whole rump burger to make the campaign work. Social media went crazy and lots of Rump burgers were sold.

A warm Southern Welcome. Given just 4 weeks to come up with a fully integrated Xmas campaign for Southern Comfort, there was no time to lose. I came up with the idea of kissing a huge goodbye to 2016, the wosrt year in history and giving a warm southern welcome to 2017, a whole month early. Why wait?. 2016 is so over.Hosted at Victoria station, with a large countdown timer and numerous prizes, along with our Instagram hashtag print system (SocialSnap), we shared the joy of wrapping up the year.

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the 20000 stories project

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Design, content and copy for a Social Responsibility website for First Quantum Minerals.

skin sap/ens facebook crowdfuning campaign

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